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10 Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

June 26, 2016
Coffee Shops in Seattle

10 Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

Where else can you see the flying fish early in the morning, spend the day on the ferry cruisers Puget Sound and finish the evening skiing or snowboarding in the incredibly beautiful Cascade Mountains? The answer – in Seattle (USA), or as it is affectionately called, and the house of the Emerald City Superbowl champions Seattle Seahawks! I love traveling a lot. So, I and my friends decided to go on a trip to Seattle last month, which is famous for coffee, rain, beautiful green forests, clouds, breathtaking mountains and Puget Sound. I gather some awesome experience from there. However, did you know that this wonderful city is also the birthplace the world famous coffee company Starbucks? Talking about coffee, let me tell you that I am a caffeinated person, so coffee is must for me. And in the city when the weather is always wet, you cannot say no to a cup of good coffee. On this trip, I visited some well-known coffee shops to fill up my heart with various flavors of coffee. Here I made a short list of best coffee shops in Seattle, for those who love caffeine a lot like me.

Coffee Fiore

No Seattle coffee-shop list would be complete without a mention of this “Coffee Fiore” which has a coffee-connoisseur grade coffee and a comfy vibe. I would say, this place is somewhere I would love to spend my time


This Greenwood cafe goes out of its way to get you out from behind your laptop. Neptune has a thriving social life, known for trivia competitions and knitting nights. I truly loved this place.

Zoka Coffee

Tables? Lots of them. Outlets? Enough to get by if you share. This place is awesome and the coffee is my fav. The company’s Greenlake location has ample workspace, and its University District cafe is usually laptop friendly.

Street Bean Espresso

I can’t forget to list in the Street Bean Espresso that makes Seattle a better city. In fact, if I could clone this coffeehouse into 100 locations and disperse them around Seattle. Offering excellent service by excellent baristas who are turning their lives around and offering a different alternative to homelessness and joblessness in the city, this coffeehouse is amazing. From the coffee they serve, to the people that serve it, and to the community it helps, Street Bean Espresso is worth every visit.

Easy Street Café

Easy Street Cafe is one of my favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee or have breakfast in West Seattle. With great food, Coffee Vita coffee, a ridiculous amount of great music, this place is worth your visit.
Seattle Coffee Works

Sebastian got it right when he created Seattle Coffee Works which offersa well roasted, direct-trade coffee, and serve it to people who want to learn how to enjoy it. His “slow bar” offers a way to try his coffee brewed from different methods so that you can compare them. Whether you want to come in for a quick Latte to go or you want to stay around and learn about brewing coffee, this Seattle coffeehouse is definitely worth a visit.

Kaladi Brothers

On the way to Alaska, Kaladi Bros. has been a staple on Capitol Hill for about 8 years now. They’ve designed a beautiful café that incorporates other community organizations to be integrated within their business – a layout which should be studied by designers everywhere, in my humble opinion. Great coffee, great service, and an emphasis on community activism, makes Kaladi Brothers wonderful.
Café on the Ave

best coffee shops in Seattle

This place is great. Actually, while bustling, it is one of my favorite camping spots in Seattle to get work done. Perfect for meeting friends, working on assignments, or simply enjoying Caffe Vita coffee, Café on the Ave has it all. The owner, Song, is also a terrific guy who is passionate about providing excellent service every single day.

Lighthouse Roasters

This tiny café/roaster has been churning out top-notch coffee since 1994. Get a French press of fresh-roasted coffee, and hang out in the cozy, no-frills environs.

Espresso Vivace

Operating on Capitol Hill since 1988, Vivace was a pioneer in the local and national espresso craze, and now it’s the home of the classic rosette latte-art design. All three locations are worth checking out, but definitely visit the Sidewalk Bar on Broadway, which has been a fixture on the street stories for more than two decades.


Seattle knows where to find a good cup of coffee and is the home to some of the best cafés and roasteries in America. As I traveled a lot, I have visited a lot of coffee shops in Seattle but these are my top choice.

Reviews Travel

Top 7 Photo Editing Apps For Travelers

June 12, 2016
photo app

Top 7 Photo Editing Apps For Travelers

While traveling, photo editing app comes really handy and useful especially for those who travels a lot. While you are traveling, it is not easy to carry heavy photography tools with you on the go and you can’t even ignore all the amazing moments you captured with your phone. Like all other devices, photos taken with a mobile phone also needs to be edited a bit, so here are the top 5 photo editing app that might add some extra spice on your travel album.

photo editing apps

Top 7 photo editing app recommended for travelers




Snapseed is pretty standard for mobile photo editing. All effects are divided into groups. Users can easily select effects from the bottom of the app and can change by swiping their fingers up and down on the screen. Crop, rotate, brightness, exposure, and other basic photo editing can be done by this app. Google it on android play store, and there you have it. You can also find it on iOS app store.



The second one on the list is facetune, but am sure it will never be your second choice. This app is basically built for selfies, so this will always be on the first place of your list as selfies are now on demand. Smoothen your skin, reshape your face line and even you can whiten your teeth too. So, forget about your dizzy, pail face while taking selfies as facetune got your back. This app is available on both iOS and Android.



Nowadays, mobile photography is becoming more and more popular. I’ve seen people taking exceptional photos using mobile devices, editing, and sharing on Instagram and other social networks. VSCO is not different but it is much easier and stands out from the others apps with the insane variety of filters. It is easy to use, minimalist and small size free photo editing app which is available on both Android and iOS. However the app is free, the filter packs might cost you a bit as it has in-app purchase.


Touch Retouch

This is the best app to remove unwanted marks from your photo and undoubtedly the best one on this genre. Using this app, one can easily remove unwanted marks, face spots and even and object from your photo too. This is a smart tech that takes a bit cue from the background of the photo to vanish the spot or object you are annoyed with. This is also available on both iOS and Android app store.



This app is basically for those who are professional, meaning pro photographers and designers. This app will help you add your watermark or logo onto your photo before you can share it on social media. You can upload your own logo, signature or your QR code that protects creative property. Keeping the copyright issue in mind, this app was built for photographers who love to show their work on social Medias. Well, I think this is an intelligent way to contact and promote a company.



It is now easy to create professional-like photos on mobile. With the help of this application, you can specify which parts of the photo be blur and which should be clearer. However, this app is free but a paid version allows you to work with pictures with higher resolution, add filters and provides new tools to work with. Both the user of iOS and Android can find this app on their app store.


Adobe Photoshop Touch

And the last application on the list, but not the last on the utility – Photoshop Touch. Yes, this is the Photoshop from Adobe and of course, this is the truncated form. You can say, this is the small version of Photoshop with almost all the basic functions of the desktop version. Well, this app is not available is the Google play store, but there is nothing to be upset as there is another Photoshop version for the android users available in the play store named “Photoshop express”. So, hit on search and enjoy.


These are all the top photo editing app which are handy and easy to use. One can find it useful for their moments captured with mobile while traveling.

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Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub Review

June 11, 2016
Rugged & dapper daily facial scrub

Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub Review

Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub is a cleansing exfoliator that is perfect for men that want a daily grooming face wash that is as quick as it is effective. After having used this product for several weeks now, I can reliably say that it has dramatically cut down on the amount of time I spend every day trying to take care of my face and body. Of course, that would not be saying much if it did not also improve my skin complexion and keep it acne free. To help give others that might be curious about Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub an idea of how effective it is, I’ve developed this guide as a way of covering all of the most important points.

Overview of Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub

As previously mentioned, Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub is a high quality and luxurious face wash that works by digging deep into the skin and exfoliating it. It uses a unique blend of tea tree oil, vitamin C, aloe vera, willow bark, and burdock root to keep skin healthy and blemish free. In addition to helping scrub out old, oily cells, Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub’s formula works to rejuvenate cells and encourage new cell growth. With this winning combination, you will quickly see results as your skin grows back fresher and more resilient than before. If you ave ever tried a facial scrub that left your skin dried and irritated, then Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub’s formula might be worth looking into deeper. All I can say is that I found it to be a refreshing scrub that never made me uncomfortable or regret using it. Even if I spent a considerable portion of my time outside, I could still feel the cleanser’s effects on my face without my skin getting too sensitive in the sunlight. Those that are familiar with acne facial cleansers know that that’s a feat in and of itself.


Rugged & dapper daily facial scrub

Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub’s Specific Features

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest features of Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub is its unique blend of naturally occurring chemicals that help to block breakouts and keep skin fresh and rejuvenated. Specifically, aloe vera helps to keep skin soft and encourages natural healing properties in the body. Vitamin C works to prevent the effects of aging and keep skin properly hydrated at the dermal level. Willow bark does the heavy duty exfoliation, scrubbing out dead cells and making room for new ones to grow. Burdock root works to cleanse the body and keep pH levels in balance. Finally, tea tree oil might be the most famous on this list due to its use in combating acne. For those that are uninitiated, tea tree oil helps to kill the bacteria that cause acne and helps skin to regulate oil production. When all of these different elements work together in harmony, it creates a facial cleanser that works incredibly fast at stopping acne in its tracks.

Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub’s Pros

One of the most repeated claims about Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub is that it not only actually deals with the causes of acne directly, but that it also does so faster than any of its competitors. After seeing it for myself, I have to agree that this is completely true. It really does cut into the root causes of these issues and help protect the skin from future breakouts. It’s for this reason that I so often recommend this to other people, especially men that have complained in the past about frequent breakouts that were otherwise impossible to deal with. Given its relative affordability, there aren’t many issues with this product that would give me pause to recommend it.

Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub’s Cons

While everyone tends to speak highly of the formula itself, one of the most frequent complaints is the scrub’s bottle design. Although it has never happened to me personally, other people have experienced problems when their product shipped. Specifically, they were unable to get the pump at the top to work properly. You can easily overcome this by transferring the formula out of the bottle, but that’s still an unnecessary problem or some people to deal with. Of course, it is worth it to deal with potential bottle issues if you are more concerned with keeping your face properly cleansed. Either way, I felt that it was at least worth mentioning so that you could better prepare yourself in the future if you suddenly find yourself looking at a broken bottle.

Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub Reviews

Who Should Get Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub?

If you are someone that has dealt with acne for most of their life, then you are probably at your wit’s end looking for a product that will actually do what it advertises. Luckily, I can say from personal experience that Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub actually does work. It might take a couple weeks of continued exposure to see results, but given enough time and commitment, you will definitely see improvements. Even if you are not someone that really needs an acne cleanser, the other natural chemicals in Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub’s formula will ensure that it keeps your face healthy and that’s something that everyone could use.

Final Thoughts on Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub

Whether you are suffering from acne and are desperate for a product that will actually help you, or you are someone that is in the market for a new facial cleanser to incorporate into your routine that is as effective as its advertising claims, Rugged & Dapper Daily Facial Scrub is a great fit into almost any grooming regimen. After using it myself, all I can say is that it really works and I’m glad I discovered this product for my own personal use. Even if you are unsure of its effectiveness, it is a fairly cheap cleanser so there’s no harm in giving it a shot and seeing whether or not you like it. Regardless of your decision, hopefully, this guide helped you to not only learn about a great product but also see what to look for in a facial cleanser that you might have otherwise been interested in.


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