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10 Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

June 26, 2016
Coffee Shops in Seattle

10 Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

Where else can you see the flying fish early in the morning, spend the day on the ferry cruisers Puget Sound and finish the evening skiing or snowboarding in the incredibly beautiful Cascade Mountains? The answer – in Seattle (USA), or as it is affectionately called, and the house of the Emerald City Superbowl champions Seattle Seahawks! I love traveling a lot. So, I and my friends decided to go on a trip to Seattle last month, which is famous for coffee, rain, beautiful green forests, clouds, breathtaking mountains and Puget Sound. I gather some awesome experience from there. However, did you know that this wonderful city is also the birthplace the world famous coffee company Starbucks? Talking about coffee, let me tell you that I am a caffeinated person, so coffee is must for me. And in the city when the weather is always wet, you cannot say no to a cup of good coffee. On this trip, I visited some well-known coffee shops to fill up my heart with various flavors of coffee. Here I made a short list of best coffee shops in Seattle, for those who love caffeine a lot like me.

Coffee Fiore

No Seattle coffee-shop list would be complete without a mention of this “Coffee Fiore” which has a coffee-connoisseur grade coffee and a comfy vibe. I would say, this place is somewhere I would love to spend my time


This Greenwood cafe goes out of its way to get you out from behind your laptop. Neptune has a thriving social life, known for trivia competitions and knitting nights. I truly loved this place.

Zoka Coffee

Tables? Lots of them. Outlets? Enough to get by if you share. This place is awesome and the coffee is my fav. The company’s Greenlake location has ample workspace, and its University District cafe is usually laptop friendly.

Street Bean Espresso

I can’t forget to list in the Street Bean Espresso that makes Seattle a better city. In fact, if I could clone this coffeehouse into 100 locations and disperse them around Seattle. Offering excellent service by excellent baristas who are turning their lives around and offering a different alternative to homelessness and joblessness in the city, this coffeehouse is amazing. From the coffee they serve, to the people that serve it, and to the community it helps, Street Bean Espresso is worth every visit.

Easy Street Café

Easy Street Cafe is one of my favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee or have breakfast in West Seattle. With great food, Coffee Vita coffee, a ridiculous amount of great music, this place is worth your visit.
Seattle Coffee Works

Sebastian got it right when he created Seattle Coffee Works which offersa well roasted, direct-trade coffee, and serve it to people who want to learn how to enjoy it. His “slow bar” offers a way to try his coffee brewed from different methods so that you can compare them. Whether you want to come in for a quick Latte to go or you want to stay around and learn about brewing coffee, this Seattle coffeehouse is definitely worth a visit.

Kaladi Brothers

On the way to Alaska, Kaladi Bros. has been a staple on Capitol Hill for about 8 years now. They’ve designed a beautiful café that incorporates other community organizations to be integrated within their business – a layout which should be studied by designers everywhere, in my humble opinion. Great coffee, great service, and an emphasis on community activism, makes Kaladi Brothers wonderful.
Café on the Ave

best coffee shops in Seattle

This place is great. Actually, while bustling, it is one of my favorite camping spots in Seattle to get work done. Perfect for meeting friends, working on assignments, or simply enjoying Caffe Vita coffee, Café on the Ave has it all. The owner, Song, is also a terrific guy who is passionate about providing excellent service every single day.

Lighthouse Roasters

This tiny café/roaster has been churning out top-notch coffee since 1994. Get a French press of fresh-roasted coffee, and hang out in the cozy, no-frills environs.

Espresso Vivace

Operating on Capitol Hill since 1988, Vivace was a pioneer in the local and national espresso craze, and now it’s the home of the classic rosette latte-art design. All three locations are worth checking out, but definitely visit the Sidewalk Bar on Broadway, which has been a fixture on the street stories for more than two decades.


Seattle knows where to find a good cup of coffee and is the home to some of the best cafés and roasteries in America. As I traveled a lot, I have visited a lot of coffee shops in Seattle but these are my top choice.

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