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The 10 Things I Do to Stay Fit While Traveling

June 2, 2016
The 10 Things I Do to Stay Fit While Traveling

The 10 Things I Do to Stay Fit While Traveling

Keeping fit has become a priority for many Americans in recent years and many people in addition to healthy eating habits have incorporated working out as part of their daily routine at home. You might be planning to go on a vacation and you are probably wondering How to Stay Fit While Traveling .If this is bothering you, then you are reading the right article. I am an occasional traveler,and I always love travelling . However like everybody else I have the desire to remain fit I have therefore devised a formula keeping fit during my travels. Here is a list of the 10 things I do to stay healthy while traveling.

1.Wise packing

When traveling it is not possible to carry much of your workout equipment as you do not want to end all with a lot carry. It is, therefore, advisable to pack the small things that can be taken but are very vital for workouts. Some of the essentials you should consider include running shoes, one or two outfits if it’s a short vacation like a weekend. If you are planning to stay longer, you should also consider a skipping rope crank straps etc.

2.Healthy Eating

When going on vacation, there is always this feeling that you are on holiday and many people tend to give themselves a vacation everything including healthy eating. If the vacation is short for example lasting just a weekend unhealthy diet might not have any significant impact but what if your vacation spans a month or more it’s a different case. If you want to give yourself a break from a strict eating diet that is fine, this does not, however, mean that you can eat junk food try out new food instead. Try exploring the different cuisines served by the local people and believe me most of the time they turn out to be the most delicious cuisines you have ever tasted in your entire lifetime.

3.Be creative

Some of the workouts techniques that you might be used may depend largely on gym equipment at home and that is where the question of How to Stay Fit While Traveling again comes in. Due to this fact creativity becomes essential. In addition to simple work out you can try things like hiring like surfboards, a paddle board, a bike or anything you can think depending on your location.

4. Take the pleasure of exploring by foot or bike

A vacation should give you a break from your normal driving life it is a chance to rejuvenate yourself so why not try discovering the city or the countryside by foot. If you are a city folk exploring the countryside by foot can be a lot of fun for you and your family. Even if you are on a shopping spree, you can consider waking up a little bit early and taking a walk around town before the shops open to learning how to find your way around the city and locate the stores that you will be shopping. The best way of doing this is by foot or bike.

5. Make use of already working out plans

If you are traveling for business purposes, you might find yourself left with little time for working out. In such a case a core workout techniques can be helpful. These workouts are done within a short period but are designed to exercise almost every muscle in your body. The following are examples of workout plans you can choose from:

(a)An Express session of 15 minutes

Fifteen minutes exercise plan involving a jog or a quick walk which followed by push-ups, twenty-five crunches, twenty-five triceps, twenty-five prisoner squat and finally three yoga poses can also be useful for stretching?

(b)Island fit workout session

The course involves swimming in the ocean, skipping, jetty runs, water sports and finally at sunset a core session. This session can last a whole day, excellent for people who are on vacation or if you are on a business trip and have a day or two off.


Skiing is not only an enjoyable sport and hobby but also an excellent exercising activity. You can also add some more exercise to your skiing session to make it wholesome.


A skipping rope is a small work out equipment and can fit in a very tight space so even if your suitcase is full you can insert the rope inside shoes and travel with it. Skipping is in fact among the best cardio, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout alternative.

7. Use nature as your gym

You do not always have to visit a gym changing the environment has a positive impact on working out. Changing the place where you work out adds fun to exercising. The natural environment is a good alternative for a gym if you are in a big city with many beautiful parks, a park can be an excellent venue or if you are in warm Caribbean coastal town head down to the beach.

8. Make use of hotel facilities.

Most hotels usually have a swimming pool and a gym, facilities which you can utilize. If you have a tight schedule, for example, you are attending a business meeting in the hotel you can give yourself a quick swimming session during lunch break. All you have to do is make sure you carry your swimming costume and goggles with you when you travel.

9.Use workout guides

Drill W guides are readily available online; you can download them online wherever you are. Articles based on body fitness are also right to take away options if you don’t want to go through the trouble of online research. You can also download guiding mobile apps.

10.Learn to know your limits

It is not important to forget the main reason why you are working out. If you are reading this article you main issue was probably How to Stay Fit While Traveling and not how to start body building, so why not stick to you plan. So do not push yourself too much when you feel tired and your body cannot take it anymore do not push yourself too much, you have a vacation to enjoy. By saying this, I don’t, however, mean that you should be lazy but rather you should practice moderation.

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