15 Natural Hair Growth/ Development Treatments (DIY)

December 3, 2016
Natural hair growth treatment

15 Natural Hair Growth/ Development Treatments

Natural hair growth medications are the best approaches to avoid diminishing, shedding, and breakage; to guarantee ideal hair development, and to anticipate potential male pattern baldness. Yet, aren’t medicines and items that advance quick development lavish? All things considered, yes, however you don’t need to purchase them! Indeed, there are a considerable measure of magnificent development medicines you can make in your own particular kitchen utilizing essential oils, herbs, and even fruits and veggies! What’s more, the hair development medications I’m going to tell are most likely worth looking at.


#1 Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the best hair oils which ensures strong and thick hair. You can even use castor oil to make your eyebrow and eyelashes thick. This oil is greasy, so mix another essential oil with castor oil. Apply warm castor oil mix at least twice a week. Leave it for whole night and wash off with shampoo in the next morning. You will see the difference after a few weeks.


#2 Curry Leaves & Coconut Tonic

Put some coconut oil into a pan and add fresh curry leaves. Start boiling and when you will see the black residue has started forming, know that the mixture is ready. Keep it aside to rest and apply in your hair when it is cold. Apply the mixture twice a week for the best result. This is obviously one of the best treatments of natural DIY hair growth.


#3 Onion Juice And Honey

This sounds weird, but it’s truly useful if your hair is diminishing or in case you’re losing it. Onions are exceptionally sound for your hair. You simply require a little onion and squeeze it. Include honey once it’s completely squeezed. You can either apply the blend everywhere on your hair or just to the places that look slender. Leave it overnight, and clean it the following morning.


#4 Egg Yolks and Olive Oil Mask

Egg contains proteins, vitamins and super-supporting unsaturated fats; egg yolks won’t just make your hair gentler, shinier and healthier however help you to develop it long. Also, keeping in mind the end goal to get every advantage egg yolks give, basically blend 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, weaken the blend by including some water and after that gradually and altogether rub this mixture into your scalp. Give your hair and scalp 15 to 20 minutes to retain everything afterward wash off.

#5 Vinegar Rinse

In spite of the fact that it may appear to be cruel to regard your hair with something as acidic as vinegar, the fact is that the hair truly welcomes it because of its somewhat acidic nature. Our hair’s pH fluctuates from acid 3.5 to unbiased 5.5 which implies that our soluble hair care items tend to rattle it. Vinegar, in the other hand, helps hair restore its ideal pH esteem making every strand shinier, more grounded and less inclined to breakage and it uproots the developments that truly choke out the scalp and moderate down ordinary hair development. Blend 1 portion of vinegar and 2 portions of water and utilize this mixture while washing hair.


#6 Rosemary Hair Growth Treatments

This effective herb won’t just make your hair great however fortify hair development also! It takes care of the issue of diminishing hair fall and strengthens the scalp which definitely implies that, if you choose to attempt this at home, you don’t have anything to lose! Blend 2 teaspoons of dry rosemary leaves and 300mls of water then rub this blend into your hair and scalp beginning from the closures.


#7 Almond Oil

In case you’re attempting to rejuvenate your hair, almond oil is a basic yet successful ingredient to do it. Almond oil is useful in light of the fact that it has such a variety of sound unsaturated fats, so it makes your hair delicate while reinforcing it. You should simply take around a tablespoon of oil– pretty much relying upon the length and thickness of your hair – and rub it into your scalp and hair. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.


#8 Banana Mask

Bananas are rich in vitamins A, E, C and potassium which are helpful stimulating hair growth. On the other hand, bananas are rich in calories, so don’t eat a lot of bananas rather use it for hair. The only harmless way is to make a banana mask and give the hair a nice banana treatment is mashing the banana and apply it in your scalp. Wrap your head with a hot towel for half an hour and then wash off with mild shampoo. This mask will make your hair silky and give the necessary nutrients.

#9 Coconut Oil And Avocado

Coconut oil and avocado together is an incredible hair development treatment for a few reasons. It adds radiance to your hair if it’s dry, also disposes dandruff, and it keeps your hair safe from the sun. Just hit the coconut oil for around 10 seconds, then rub one tablespoon of it into your hair from the roots to the tips. After that, rub the avocado simply into the tips of your hair. Leave this blend on for 10 to 15, and then utilize cool water to wash it.


#10 Henna And Egg Shampoo

Eggs are powerful in developing hair, on account of all the protein. This treatment is generally simple. You require henna powder, an egg, some lemon juice, and some water. Start by blending the henna, egg, and the water together until you’ve framed glue, then let it remain for 60 minutes. After that, include the lemon juice and mix it in until the blend becomes smooth. Put the mixture over your scalp and your hair, from root to tips. Keep it for around two hours, or until the blend is totally dry. When you wash it, simply utilize warm water and tenderly wash to take the blend out of your hair.


#11 Oatmeal Hair Mask

Oatmeal hair mask is the least complex hair treatment you can make, in spite of the fact that you’ll require some milk and almond oil. Get a large portion of some oats – or more, if your hair is long and/or thick, 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil, and the same quantity of milk. Combine everything and apply the mixture from root to tip. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash with warm water.


#12 Egg And Yogurt Mask

Egg is an awesome ingredient in a great deal of hair development medicines! The use of egg is very simple too. Take only one egg, some plain yogurt, and some mayonnaise. Start by beating your egg until it looks frothing, and then include the yogurt and the mayo, mixing until the cover looks smooth. Rub it into your scalp and your hair, until every last bit is secured. You can use plastic or a shower cap on your head since you need to leave the mixture up for 60 minutes. When you wash use cold water and an smooth shampoo.

#13 Potato Juice

Potatoes are rich in potassium, iron and calcium which give you stronger and longer hair. You just need to apply fresh potato juice in your hair. Apply the juice and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then wash off with normal water. If you have thin hair, this treatment will help you to get thicker hair. You can also make a pack using eggs, potato juice and honey. Mix all the ingredients together and apply it in your dry hair. Leave the pack for about 2 hours and then wash off with mild shampoo.


#14 Amla / Indian Gooseberry

Amla contains antioxidants and vitamin C which help to get thick and strong hair. Mix amla powder with lime juice and apply it in your hair. When it dries, wash off with warm water. You can also boil amla in coconut oil. Let the mixture cool down and then apply as a hair tonic. This natural hair improvement mixture will also make your hair shiny. You can apply this tonic thrice a week for better result.


#15 Garlic And Chamomile Tea Mask

Garlic And Chamomile Tea Mask works together as a useful pack to get beautiful hair. Mix a tablespoon of garlic juice with three tablespoons of chamomile tea and also add aloe vera gel, honey, egg yolk and water with it. Apply the pack in your dry hair and leave it for at least 1 hour to get better result. Use the pack once a week.


Hair is the most important visible feature so we need to keep it healthy and shiny. Above hair development treatments will absolutely make your hair perfect if you do it on a regular basis.

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