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Top 7 Photo Editing Apps For Travelers

June 12, 2016

Top 7 Photo Editing Apps For Travelers

While traveling, photo editing app comes really handy and useful especially for those who travels a lot. While you are traveling, it is not easy to carry heavy photography tools with you on the go and you can’t even ignore all the amazing moments you captured with your phone. Like all other devices, photos taken with a mobile phone also needs to be edited a bit, so here are the top 5 photo editing app that might add some extra spice on your travel album.

photo editing apps

Top 7 photo editing app recommended for travelers




Snapseed is pretty standard for mobile photo editing. All effects are divided into groups. Users can easily select effects from the bottom of the app and can change by swiping their fingers up and down on the screen. Crop, rotate, brightness, exposure, and other basic photo editing can be done by this app. Google it on android play store, and there you have it. You can also find it on iOS app store.



The second one on the list is facetune, but am sure it will never be your second choice. This app is basically built for selfies, so this will always be on the first place of your list as selfies are now on demand. Smoothen your skin, reshape your face line and even you can whiten your teeth too. So, forget about your dizzy, pail face while taking selfies as facetune got your back. This app is available on both iOS and Android.



Nowadays, mobile photography is becoming more and more popular. I’ve seen people taking exceptional photos using mobile devices, editing, and sharing on Instagram and other social networks. VSCO is not different but it is much easier and stands out from the others apps with the insane variety of filters. It is easy to use, minimalist and small size free photo editing app which is available on both Android and iOS. However the app is free, the filter packs might cost you a bit as it has in-app purchase.


Touch Retouch

This is the best app to remove unwanted marks from your photo and undoubtedly the best one on this genre. Using this app, one can easily remove unwanted marks, face spots and even and object from your photo too. This is a smart tech that takes a bit cue from the background of the photo to vanish the spot or object you are annoyed with. This is also available on both iOS and Android app store.



This app is basically for those who are professional, meaning pro photographers and designers. This app will help you add your watermark or logo onto your photo before you can share it on social media. You can upload your own logo, signature or your QR code that protects creative property. Keeping the copyright issue in mind, this app was built for photographers who love to show their work on social Medias. Well, I think this is an intelligent way to contact and promote a company.



It is now easy to create professional-like photos on mobile. With the help of this application, you can specify which parts of the photo be blur and which should be clearer. However, this app is free but a paid version allows you to work with pictures with higher resolution, add filters and provides new tools to work with. Both the user of iOS and Android can find this app on their app store.


Adobe Photoshop Touch

And the last application on the list, but not the last on the utility – Photoshop Touch. Yes, this is the Photoshop from Adobe and of course, this is the truncated form. You can say, this is the small version of Photoshop with almost all the basic functions of the desktop version. Well, this app is not available is the Google play store, but there is nothing to be upset as there is another Photoshop version for the android users available in the play store named “Photoshop express”. So, hit on search and enjoy.


These are all the top photo editing app which are handy and easy to use. One can find it useful for their moments captured with mobile while traveling.

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