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Why We Have Fewer Friends as We Grow up

September 15, 2017

Did you think in your childhood that when you grow up, you will lose many of your friends? Probably no. Nobody thinks in this way. But it’s natural. As we grow up, we have fewer friends. The reason? Our environment, thoughts and lifestyle everything changes and those who share common traits only stay together. There is also another reason and that is a wrong selection of friends.


Everyone makes friendship with wrong friends while younger

Your first day at school always lets you make friends. You went to school and sat next to a student and he/she becomes your friend within a few minutes. You start having lunch together, play and even hang out after school. This is how actually life goes on. While you are together, you share a lot of things. You know each other’s situation, moments of joy and sorrow. And gradually these things make a strong bonding between you.  But when you feel that you are no longer that close friends? When you start experiencing the common traits are gone.

After a long time when you meet with your old friend, you feel excited and start talking about old days, memories. But soon you realize that there is nothing left to talk about. Because the bond you made is long gone.

On the other hand, some friends remain because they share the common things deep down. Think of your childhood friend with whom you still have the same relationship. Because of the situation, you may not talk every day, but you know that she/he is there for you and vice versa. The reason is, you share the same values. Same thoughts and same values are the basis of any friendship. When two or more people feel alike in the most important things in life, the friendship becomes everlasting.

With your soul-friend, you can share everything. You can cry or laugh together, share victory or defeat, stay by the side of each other in any situation. On the contrary, you will find friends who are double-minded. They will make everything perfect in front of you, but gradually you will know their real color. They are not your friends rather a bunch of people who try to get facilities from you.


How to build friendship that will be everlasting

In adulthood, we need friends the most. We need people to rely on. But how to build a friendship that will be for our whole life? There are a lot of ways.

Something in common

The first thing, there must be something in common and, above all, stability. The common interest can be the same career, a common pastime or the same lifestyle. The saying Hobbies and paths make friends. Friendship is about love and appreciation. Then, over time, friendship can develop in depth and in extension through mutual treatment, knowledge and affection. And along with these things, friendship needs stability.


It is not that you have to talk to your friends all the time. But you must make time for them. Communication is one of the best keys of friendship. Do not hesitate to go to your friends when you face a problem, or you have something good to share.  Having a good communication prevents misunderstandings and possible problems.

Be Generous

Generosity facilitates giving that is essential in friendship. The real friends are generous. They give qualities, time, energies and knowledge.  Treat your friends with respect and affection. Selfishness is radically opposed to friendship. An especially difficult act of generosity is forgiveness.

Be loyal

There is nothing more valuable than a true friend. To be loyal means to be a person of speech, to respond with fidelity to the commitments that friendship brings with it. Loyal friends never betray each other or talk bad in the back. They are true friends who defend the interest and good name of their friends.

Lifelong friends can be an extraordinary treasure. To maintain a good friendship you will have to take time to develop and nurture it. Remember that to have good friends, you must become the good person at first.


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