The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About benefits of running in the morning

June 4, 2016
Benefits of running in the morning

Benefits of running in the morning

Well some of us may be aware of the benefits of running in the morning, but waking up for that morning run is very challenging; most individuals find it very difficult to leave their warm sheets. As an individual, it is important to note that running in the morning is a great way to start the day with great spirits as well as other benefits such as to keep fit .Even though many people don’t like running, it is important to know that its benefits affect every part of your body positively. While it may not be everybody’s favorite activity, below are the benefits of running in the morning:

It improves your health

Running is a great way to improve your health. The most beneficial thing about running especially in the morning it increases your overall level of health as it keeps you fit. Running allows your body to burn extra calories that would otherwise endanger your overall health.

Helps to reduce/eliminate depression

Most depressed individuals find it difficult to wake up and run especially when they are depressed. For a fact, you find that after a few minutes of running your body starts to produce hormones that with time helps to improve your mood to a more cheerful one. Running keeps you excited thus helping you forget that you were depressed.

Stress reliever

Running in the morning acts as a stress reliever. We all know that when one is stressed or emotionally strained they tend to experience headaches that may hinder them from doing their daily activities. When running, chances of getting headaches due to stress are slim as the force that is generated from running exerts excess energy and hormones to relief you from stress.

Running boosts individuals self esteem

We should all know that running is not only beneficial to the body physically. Running can boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you achieve your set goals it is easier to feel happier and empowered. People tend to have an increase in their self-esteem as they push their limits and fulfilling the goals they had set for themselves even exceeding their own expectations.

Weight loss

Running in the morning has been known to be one of the best forms of exercise for weight loss. I have tried it and it tends to work. Running burns those extra pounds of calories you gain from a bad diet. Running frequently helps you to maintain that body shape you have been wanting. Less costly exercise.it is also worth mentioning that running is quite convenient and less costly for individuals wanting to lose weight you do not need any apparatus to start running. All you need is your shoes and some sweat pants that will enable you run easily without straining.

Disease prevention

Some people wonder why doctors recommend running for people especially women, the reason is that, running is a tool that will help women prevent diseases like breast cancer, strokes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Running is also effective in preventing/ reducing episodes of heart attacks. This form of exercises helps the arteries to retain their elasticity enabling the heart to work properly and to be strong to avoid heart failure. All in all, it is beneficial to know that running is the best exercise for physical conditioning of the heart and the lungs. With a well-maintained body, it is not easy to be attacked by diseases like asthma

Help to create self-awareness

Most individuals might be running just for physical reasons but behind it all, you realize that is not the only benefits you get.Running offers you a chance to be with your own thoughts, sounds crazy but believe me running offers you an opportunity to develop and increase self-awareness enabling you to discover so many things you did not know about your inner self. Getting in touch with your inner self-allows one to come with ways to deal with their daily worries. This allows you to push yourself to the limit and makes you aware of what you can achieve if you push your limits.it is very rewarding to know that you can solve your own problems with just getting in touch with your inner problems to deal with the causes than just the symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Some individuals may seem surprised to learn all the benefits that come with running in the morning, but it is evident that these are just a few of the many advantages that are associated with it. Running has a lot more to offer to every individual. Doing even short runs really is very beneficial to the body in general as it leaves you feeling better physically,

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