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How to Overcome Negative Thoughts; 9 Ways

January 13, 2020
How to overcome negative thoughts

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” — Buddha

Thinking negative thoughts? No big deal. You can transform negative thoughts into positive ones. The only thing you need is the power of your mind.

I have been reading, understanding and writing about negative thought patterns for a long time. Yet. I fall prey of it sometimes. I am well aware of all the solutions a human being can use to change the mind. But many times I find myself in the middle of the ocean of negative thoughts.

How it all comes? Negative thoughts start with just a small feeling or some words of others sometimes trigger the mind. You need to know negative thoughts doesn’t harm others, it harms you. It happens when you fail at something and start thinking what is the point of doing all these? Or in some cases, you might be overloaded with depression and start thinking various kinds of negative thoughts. The point is not to control your mind. You just need a little push to divert your mind from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This is the best way to overcome negative thoughts.

Here are the ways you can practice to overcome negative thoughts.

  1. Replace negative with positive

You can’t stop your thoughts easily. Our mind is always thinking about almost every possible things we see or experience. Thoughts come and go like the south breeze. You can’t stop your thoughts that easily but you can change your thinking patterns. The moment you realize that your mind is being fulfilled by negative thoughts, think of good things, the things you like or people you adore, situation you want to experience or good moments you have lived in. This will change the pattern of your mind and make you see the other perspectives of life. It is easier said than done to divert your mind in a jiffy. It takes time but it will be easier once you start practicing little by little. So to overcome negative thoughts, replace those with positive ones and see the changes in near future.

2. Live in the moment

This is the only moment that is true. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. So to focus on both the past and the future is just a waste of time. You neither can change the past nor live in the future. The only thing you can do is to live in the present moment. To live mindfully in the moment is one way out of negative thoughts. If you are feeling down, negative thoughts are making your mind rubbish then think of right now. Are you in any kind of trouble right now? Are you in danger right now? Are negative thoughts you are having right now is worthy of your valuable time? If these answers are “NO”, move on and live.

3. Don’t think of what people say

We give priority to people’s thoughts. We are afraid of what people will say or think. Remember, what people say is not necessary at all. You know who you are and what suits you best. Give priority to yourself. Negative thoughts come mostly when we think of others. It is their job to think not yours and you have nothing to do with their thoughts. Stop thinking about what others say and start thinking how you can overcome all obstacles and go ahead. If negative thoughts still come, put it aside for a few minutes and think of your achievements. You will get over the unnecessary thoughts soon.

4. Question your thoughts

When negative thoughts come, ask yourself; are these thoughts worthy of my time? You will get the answer “no”. When the answer is no, you have no time to waste. Our mind works like a drama director. The episode goes on and on. You start thinking one negative thought and after just a few moments you will find yourself in the ocean of negative thoughts. It grows with your attention. To overcome negative thoughts, you will have to stop giving attention to those thoughts.

5. Avoid negative or toxic people

They are all around us. You will find them just by giving it a thought. Think of people who make you feel down, suck your energy, make fun of you always or criticize you no matter what you do. Get rid of those people and you will find your life much better than before. Toxic people emit negative energy that affects everyone around. It is your duty to protect yourself by avoiding those people. Pay attention to your life. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and vice versa.

6. Stop giving attention to negative thoughts

The moment you become conscious that you are thinking negative things, just stop it there. It might be difficult at first but continuous practice will make it easier. Stop feeding thoughts that are harmful for your mind and your life. Negative thoughts are contagious. One thought will come and then it will spread its wings. You will have to be conscious to overcome negative thoughts. Think of your good memories or just turn the negative thought upside down.

7. Meditate

Focus on your breathing while you are trying to get rid of negative thoughts. Do you know Gautama Buddha became enlightened by focusing on his breath? I am not asking you to be enlightened. You will just have to focus on your breath to calm your mind down. When you focus on your breathing, your mind becomes calm and stops thinking. It is tough for everyone not to think anything at all. But with practice, you can do that. The mind needs rest too. So when you take deep, long breaths, your mind becomes inactive.

8. Help others

Helping others in their needs make you happy. A happy mind can’t think of negative thoughts. Helping others brings joy and fulfillment. When you help someone from the bottom of your heart, you become an empath and an empath is always calm and quiet. While your mind is quiet, it generally starts thinking good thoughts. Negative ones can’t stand a chance there. So to overcome negative thoughts, help people who are indeed in need.

9. Be grateful for what you have

Being grateful is always the best way to shape your life. Think of what you have in life, what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled, what brings joy in every sphere of your life. You will definitely see that there are a lot of things that make you real happy and joyful. When you are in a peaceful moment, your mind doesn’t go to negative ways. Be grateful that you have food, shelter, family and friends. Be grateful for who you are. Every little thing that makes your life amazing, be grateful for them. And you will find that you don’t have negative thoughts anymore.

We live in a place that is so chaotic to live in. This is a place where we survive more than living. It is in your hands how you want to see your life. If you practice above things and try to keep a steady mind, you will gradually start thinking in a more positive way. To overcome negative thoughts, you will have to focus on positive thoughts and positive traits you possess. You can’t make it overnight but it will change for good.

Have a great life!

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How to Overcome Failure: 9 Powerful Habits

December 2, 2019


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill

What we all know is, failure is the pillar of success. Failure will come and to achieve greater success, you have to accept the failure first and then overcome it.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

You can make mistakes and that’s okay to do so. The important thing is, you have to get up and start running again after a failure.

Take a look at 10 powerful habits you can practice to overcome failures.


  1. Accept how it is

Yes, you must accept the result. You can’t just ignore it and go away. Failure paves the way of your learning. Failure is an experience. So, you need to see exactly the way it is and only then you will be able to make peace with it.



  1. Accept your feeling

It is tough to cope with when failures come. It’s okay to feel sad and disappointed. You can even cry if you want to. You don’t have to push yourself to keep a smile always. This is how life works. Happiness and sadness walks together. If you ignore your feelings, it can pop up in unexpected moments. It’s better to let it away the moment you feel the sadness. The pain will sooth in no time and you will be ready to jump again.



  1. Take help from someone

It might help you big time. Talk to your close ones who understand you. You can vent out your frustration in front of others who appreciate you. Tell them how you feel and get rid of emotional baggage. While talking to others you can also see the situation from their perspectives. Something good can come instantly. So, to overcome your failure, it is important to share with others the way you feel.



  1. Learn your lessons

One of the most important thing you can do. Failures makes the way of your achievement. It is always an opportunity to learn from the failure you just had. You can analyze what went wrong, where did you make the mistake and how the who process just collapsed. From analyzing the situation you will be able to know the points you had to be careful about. And this will teach you how you should handle upcoming challenges.



  1. Take a break

Taking a break can really help overcome frustration of failures. You don’t have to take vacation instead you can give some time to yourself. In the meantime, you can prepare for better. Listen to soothing music, or music you like most, read books that inspire you, talk to your friends or people you love. Enjoy life as life is happening right now. Your failures can’t be the scale of your success. Anyone can fail at any step of life. So, take it easy. Don’t judge yourself.



  1. Improve self-esteem

Failures shouldn’t drag you down easily so what to do? Increase your self-esteem. Practice self-love and appreciation. Self-esteem will help you take responsibility of your doings. And it will also help you to treat yourself the right way. How do you improve it?


By practicing some positive things over and over again you can improve your self-esteem. Learn how to love yourself, how to react in some situations, how to handle things when you are not very positive and learn how to stop negative thoughts in your mind. All these things will slowly improve your self-esteem so that you can be a better human being.


  1. Take action of your plan

It happens that we plan but procrastinate when it comes to execution. Without wasting so much time on plans, just get started with what you have. You can change and polish your plan while executing it. Don’t think that everything has to be perfect. Remember, nothing is perfect still so many things work. If you are having a hard time working, work a little but don’t let your plan sit for longer. If you work towards your goal everyday, you will get to the point you want soon.



  1. Don’t drag the past

You failed so it is already a past situation. Don’t dwell on it longer. Take your time to grief but get over soon either it will become your future. Situations that make us unhappy, if we stretch them longer, we see the unhappiness surrounding us for a very long time. So, the best way to overcome failure is letting go and starting anew.

I can say from my own life because I also had to face difficulties. I worked and failed more than once but those failures couldn’t keep me stuck. I grieved and then started again. I don’t rewind those moments in my head ever. I learned my lessons and got out. Whatever I am doing now means the most to me. I try to make things as right as I can. It’s never perfect, but I don’t crave for perfection. I just want to run things the right way.

So, you must get over all of those horrible failures and get back on your feet.



  1. Write a journal

This really helps. Writing the things you do, you like, you would do and you want to reach really helps you to achieve your goal faster. If you remind yourself constantly those wonderful things you want to have, you will have them sooner or later. Writing will make your visions clear. It will give you clarity on things you are looking for. Even when you write down your plans over and over, it becomes the right plan for your actions easily. Writing also lessens your burden. To overcome failure, writing can the right medicine for you.



  1. Find inspiration and support

Find inspiration from the world of yours. You have people who love you, friends who adore you and family who are always with you. Learn from them, respect them and make them your inspiration. Take support from them for your better time. When you are feeling heavy emotions, don’t make your separate instead talk to someone close. Their guidance can be very beneficial. Read motivational books and hear inspiration videos. Learn how some successful people failed several times and how they got back on the track. All these will keep you motivated. You will learn how to face challenges that come in your way.


Above things might seem hard to you. But, believe me, once you start at least one of these things, you will get better in no time. Overcoming failure is not a big deal at all. You have to overcome your fear of failure to get rid of the sadness of the failure.

Wishing your success!

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Why We Have Fewer Friends as We Grow up

September 15, 2017

Did you think in your childhood that when you grow up, you will lose many of your friends? Probably no. Nobody thinks in this way. But it’s natural. As we grow up, we have fewer friends. The reason? Our environment, thoughts and lifestyle everything changes and those who share common traits only stay together. There is also another reason and that is a wrong selection of friends.


Everyone makes friendship with wrong friends while younger

Your first day at school always lets you make friends. You went to school and sat next to a student and he/she becomes your friend within a few minutes. You start having lunch together, play and even hang out after school. This is how actually life goes on. While you are together, you share a lot of things. You know each other’s situation, moments of joy and sorrow. And gradually these things make a strong bonding between you.  But when you feel that you are no longer that close friends? When you start experiencing the common traits are gone.

After a long time when you meet with your old friend, you feel excited and start talking about old days, memories. But soon you realize that there is nothing left to talk about. Because the bond you made is long gone.

On the other hand, some friends remain because they share the common things deep down. Think of your childhood friend with whom you still have the same relationship. Because of the situation, you may not talk every day, but you know that she/he is there for you and vice versa. The reason is, you share the same values. Same thoughts and same values are the basis of any friendship. When two or more people feel alike in the most important things in life, the friendship becomes everlasting.

With your soul-friend, you can share everything. You can cry or laugh together, share victory or defeat, stay by the side of each other in any situation. On the contrary, you will find friends who are double-minded. They will make everything perfect in front of you, but gradually you will know their real color. They are not your friends rather a bunch of people who try to get facilities from you.


How to build friendship that will be everlasting

In adulthood, we need friends the most. We need people to rely on. But how to build a friendship that will be for our whole life? There are a lot of ways.

Something in common

The first thing, there must be something in common and, above all, stability. The common interest can be the same career, a common pastime or the same lifestyle. The saying Hobbies and paths make friends. Friendship is about love and appreciation. Then, over time, friendship can develop in depth and in extension through mutual treatment, knowledge and affection. And along with these things, friendship needs stability.


It is not that you have to talk to your friends all the time. But you must make time for them. Communication is one of the best keys of friendship. Do not hesitate to go to your friends when you face a problem, or you have something good to share.  Having a good communication prevents misunderstandings and possible problems.

Be Generous

Generosity facilitates giving that is essential in friendship. The real friends are generous. They give qualities, time, energies and knowledge.  Treat your friends with respect and affection. Selfishness is radically opposed to friendship. An especially difficult act of generosity is forgiveness.

Be loyal

There is nothing more valuable than a true friend. To be loyal means to be a person of speech, to respond with fidelity to the commitments that friendship brings with it. Loyal friends never betray each other or talk bad in the back. They are true friends who defend the interest and good name of their friends.

Lifelong friends can be an extraordinary treasure. To maintain a good friendship you will have to take time to develop and nurture it. Remember that to have good friends, you must become the good person at first.


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How to Overcome Emotional Dependency

August 29, 2017

When you depend on others for your happiness, that doesn’t actually help you rather it makes you suffer. So it is better to overcome emotional dependency. Dependency is like a drug that you become addicted which is not good for you. This type of situation is bad for both men and women, but generally, women suffer more. Emotional dependency creates lack of self-esteem. So, it is important to take these steps into account if you want to escape from this dangerous situation.

  1. Know that There is a Problem: One of the most complicated things to do when you are dependent emotionally is to make a deep reflection about what is happening. It is easier to look the other way or blame other people than look inside and recognize that there is a problem. Honestly acknowledging problems is the first step to overcome emotional dependency.


  1. Learn to Say “NO”: It’s for your well-being. When you are assertive that means you respect the other party and you respect yourself. Saying to learn no is essential to h=gain emotional autonomy.


  1. Establish Relationships with the Right People: Avoid relationship with toxic people by any means. Surround yourself with people who will even help you to gain self-esteem. Look at people who respect and value you. Bringing positive people in life will help you overcome emotional dependency.


  1. Do not be Afraid of Uncertainty: Many times, the fear of being alone makes us return to that toxic relationship that causes us so much pain and suffering. Most of us think that the being alone in the future is an uncertain thing. And it is then when we prefer to stay there, in the place we already know. Therefore, it is necessary to leave the comfort zone and adopt a positive attitude towards change.


  1. Strengthen Your Self Esteem:  The main factor of any emotional dependence is a low self-esteem.  There are many options to be able to strengthen it, from going to a professional psychology to doing bibliotherapy. The fact is that you have to strengthen your self-esteem to forget emotional dependency. There is something new and instructive out there. Avoid seeking approval and be aware of your negative thoughts.


  1. Avoid Expectations of Other People: In most cases, emotionally dependent people have unrealistic and overly intense expectations about what to expect from others. This tends to provoke an idealization towards the other party, and it is not a wise decision to fill the void that we can feel with ourselves with the need to have someone at our side at all costs. Expectations can be disastrous. Realizing this can help overcome emotional dependence.


  1. Travel Alone: Traveling is one of the best ways to make you free form one thought. And if you travel alone, you will a lot of time to think about yourself. When traveling, you only have to solve problems on your own, meet other people, be sociable, without help from partners, family or friends. It definitely helps you to be independent.

So you need to clearly know the key signs of emotional dependency and then take steps to get rid of it. Build your own world of self-respect and self-dependence.

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People Who Are Loud Outside Are Generally Insecure Inside And Have Low Self-Esteem

May 18, 2017

You have probably seen a lot of people who are outgoing and have the charm to impress others. In general, we think that these people are awesome. But they are not exactly what we see. According to some studies, people who are loud outside are mostly insecure inside and have low self-esteem. They are loud because they feel insecure and this loudness is their mask to cover personalities.

As they feel insecure, they try to attract people with their outgoing attitude. People, who have this type of personality often, need attention and compliments otherwise they lose confidence.

The reasons behind this type of personality:

It’s not easy to find out every reason behind this type of personality, but there are some common factors.

Poor family bonding: Growing up in a friendly environment make people bloom in later life. If someone grows up in a family where there is a lack of affection, support and attention, the person can suffer from insecurities.

Past trauma: People, who suffered mental, physical and emotional abuse, are prone to have low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

Negative thinking: this is actually a common problem. A lot of people like to think negatively. Negative thoughts make people depressed and insecure.

High expectations of others: in this case, family plays the main role. If the family has high expectations from the child in cases like academic result or sports result, the child becomes frightened. And that fear gradually gives birth to insecurities.

If you know someone who has low self-esteem, try to strengthen the person. Support the person so that she/ he can overcome every kind of insecurity. Let’s see what you should do with them.

  1. Don’t engage in negative conversations

The person will try to start a negative conversation, but you must make it into a positive one. If the person tells about his/her failure, you can remind him/her about the past achievements.

  1. Tell them that you care about them

It’s important to tell them that you care about them. Low self-esteem sometimes comes from the lack of love, so you must make them sure that you love them. Listen to them and find a positive solution to every problem.

  1. Make them laugh

Laughter is the best therapy. If you can make them laugh, they will have trust in you. If you enjoy time with them, they will also be glad to have you beside them when they are in need.

  1. Don’t judge too soon

Yes, it matters. Don’t judge this type of people as they can feel more insecure. Try to understand their problem and then make comment. If they are unable to make the right decision, help them grow their confidence level. Remember, there are some situations that can’t be avoided just like you feel hunger or sleepy.

Loud people can wear masks, but it is our duty to make them feel secure. Their low-self esteem and insecurity will give them nothing. And at the same time, we will also feel guilty if we don’t help them overcome their problems.