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How to Overcome Failure: 9 Powerful Habits

December 2, 2019


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill

What we all know is, failure is the pillar of success. Failure will come and to achieve greater success, you have to accept the failure first and then overcome it.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

You can make mistakes and that’s okay to do so. The important thing is, you have to get up and start running again after a failure.

Take a look at 10 powerful habits you can practice to overcome failures.


  1. Accept how it is

Yes, you must accept the result. You can’t just ignore it and go away. Failure paves the way of your learning. Failure is an experience. So, you need to see exactly the way it is and only then you will be able to make peace with it.



  1. Accept your feeling

It is tough to cope with when failures come. It’s okay to feel sad and disappointed. You can even cry if you want to. You don’t have to push yourself to keep a smile always. This is how life works. Happiness and sadness walks together. If you ignore your feelings, it can pop up in unexpected moments. It’s better to let it away the moment you feel the sadness. The pain will sooth in no time and you will be ready to jump again.



  1. Take help from someone

It might help you big time. Talk to your close ones who understand you. You can vent out your frustration in front of others who appreciate you. Tell them how you feel and get rid of emotional baggage. While talking to others you can also see the situation from their perspectives. Something good can come instantly. So, to overcome your failure, it is important to share with others the way you feel.



  1. Learn your lessons

One of the most important thing you can do. Failures makes the way of your achievement. It is always an opportunity to learn from the failure you just had. You can analyze what went wrong, where did you make the mistake and how the who process just collapsed. From analyzing the situation you will be able to know the points you had to be careful about. And this will teach you how you should handle upcoming challenges.



  1. Take a break

Taking a break can really help overcome frustration of failures. You don’t have to take vacation instead you can give some time to yourself. In the meantime, you can prepare for better. Listen to soothing music, or music you like most, read books that inspire you, talk to your friends or people you love. Enjoy life as life is happening right now. Your failures can’t be the scale of your success. Anyone can fail at any step of life. So, take it easy. Don’t judge yourself.



  1. Improve self-esteem

Failures shouldn’t drag you down easily so what to do? Increase your self-esteem. Practice self-love and appreciation. Self-esteem will help you take responsibility of your doings. And it will also help you to treat yourself the right way. How do you improve it?


By practicing some positive things over and over again you can improve your self-esteem. Learn how to love yourself, how to react in some situations, how to handle things when you are not very positive and learn how to stop negative thoughts in your mind. All these things will slowly improve your self-esteem so that you can be a better human being.


  1. Take action of your plan

It happens that we plan but procrastinate when it comes to execution. Without wasting so much time on plans, just get started with what you have. You can change and polish your plan while executing it. Don’t think that everything has to be perfect. Remember, nothing is perfect still so many things work. If you are having a hard time working, work a little but don’t let your plan sit for longer. If you work towards your goal everyday, you will get to the point you want soon.



  1. Don’t drag the past

You failed so it is already a past situation. Don’t dwell on it longer. Take your time to grief but get over soon either it will become your future. Situations that make us unhappy, if we stretch them longer, we see the unhappiness surrounding us for a very long time. So, the best way to overcome failure is letting go and starting anew.

I can say from my own life because I also had to face difficulties. I worked and failed more than once but those failures couldn’t keep me stuck. I grieved and then started again. I don’t rewind those moments in my head ever. I learned my lessons and got out. Whatever I am doing now means the most to me. I try to make things as right as I can. It’s never perfect, but I don’t crave for perfection. I just want to run things the right way.

So, you must get over all of those horrible failures and get back on your feet.



  1. Write a journal

This really helps. Writing the things you do, you like, you would do and you want to reach really helps you to achieve your goal faster. If you remind yourself constantly those wonderful things you want to have, you will have them sooner or later. Writing will make your visions clear. It will give you clarity on things you are looking for. Even when you write down your plans over and over, it becomes the right plan for your actions easily. Writing also lessens your burden. To overcome failure, writing can the right medicine for you.



  1. Find inspiration and support

Find inspiration from the world of yours. You have people who love you, friends who adore you and family who are always with you. Learn from them, respect them and make them your inspiration. Take support from them for your better time. When you are feeling heavy emotions, don’t make your separate instead talk to someone close. Their guidance can be very beneficial. Read motivational books and hear inspiration videos. Learn how some successful people failed several times and how they got back on the track. All these will keep you motivated. You will learn how to face challenges that come in your way.


Above things might seem hard to you. But, believe me, once you start at least one of these things, you will get better in no time. Overcoming failure is not a big deal at all. You have to overcome your fear of failure to get rid of the sadness of the failure.

Wishing your success!

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