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14 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

December 6, 2019
overcome self-doubt

Many times, you will find yourself in such positions that you will think what the point of this life is? Self-doubt, self-hatred will turn your world upside down. What do you need to do in such moments??

The answer is, overcoming self-doubt. Yes, you will have to be confident enough to run this life.

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

 William Shakespeare

Self-doubt is the inner voice that holds you back. You can’t get things done the way you want to because of this self-doubt. Self-doubt is a powerful enemy that can break you totally. To overcome it, you will need some practices and you need to make some changes in your lifestyle.

Take a look at 14 powerful ways to overcome self-doubt.


Raise your awareness

Becoming self-aware is the first step to overcome self-doubt. You have to know yourself first. Know what you want, how you feel, what your passion is, what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Become self-aware to get the best output from yourself. Know yourself inside out. Knowing yourself will make you confident in any situation.



Learn from the past

The past always offers us experience. We make mistakes and learn from them. Life is a long journey of the quest. When you doubt yourself, look back and find out what broke your confidence. Go past it by making yourself strong. Don’t make the same mistakes over and over. Find out what is blocking you from overcoming the fear. When you know the exact reason behind your self-doubt, you become free of it because the solution is in your hands.



Don’t compare yourself to others

Yes, you can compare yourself to others about how happy you are. But, if you compare what others are doing and you can’t, you will become depressed. Comparison in negative ways brings bad things. The best way is to compare yourself to yourself. See how far you have come, what your achievements are and how prosperous you are. All these things will bring comfort in your life.



Say “Stop”

When negative thoughts are forming up in your mind, say stop. One negative thought brings a lot of them. So, the best way is to stop right there and to flow the thoughts in another direction with positivity. Shout in your mind that “I am not going down there again.” Stopping, at first, might be irritating for you, but it is helpful in the long run.



 Keep a journal

White down what you are thinking in a journal. Write down your negative thoughts along with the positive ones. What will it do? A journal keeps all the records of your thoughts and doings. So when you are feeling down, the journal can help you remind of what you thought before and what you should think or act right now. A journal is the directory of your mind.



Again, a journal will give you clarity about thoughts. You will be able to form your thoughts in a better way. You will find new opportunities to fulfill your wishes while going through the thoughts or actions you wrote. To overcome self-doubt, a journal is really very helpful.



Don’t think what others think about you

It is definitely not your work to think. Let people think whatever they like. You have a far better job to do than thinking about their thoughts. Remember. You can’t make everyone happy and you shouldn’t try too hard. Who loves you, who are meant to be with you, they will be. Your job is to act the right way. Don’t judge yourself after hearing others. Tell yourself that you are doing right and even if you have some flaws, you are improving every day. Talk to yourself in front of a mirror. Look at yourself and tell how confident you are.



Don’t underestimate yourself

People do a lot of things but you think you are useless. This thought is one of your enemies. Self-doubt comes with this type of thought. Everyone is unique and you also have some skills to show. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t think you are good for nothing. You can do what you like most when you have the right plan and determination. Great things come with great responsibilities. So if you are looking for responsibilities, overcome self-doubt by giving priority to yourself.



Be optimistic

One of the toughest jobs. To be and stay optimistic, you will have to work on yourself. Pay attention to your negative thought patterns. Find out what bothers you most while thinking. Get rid of those harmful thoughts one by one. Replace negatives thoughts with positive ones. Look around and find out the beautiful outcomes of your work and your passion. Let the motivation, optimism and joy flow. Think that you can and you will. Overcoming self-doubt in this way will be one of the easiest things for you.



Listen to motivational podcast and watch videos

You will get a lot of motivational speech out there. Listen to some of them to overcome your self- doubt. Motivational speech on self-doubt will help you grow out of your inner fear. You can also watch videos that show how to overcome your self-doubt. These things will slowly change your mind-set. You will get to know why your self-doubt is happening and how to get rid.

Don’t fear the setback 

A setback can’t be the meter of your failure or prosperity. A setback is only for a short period of time. If you failed to do something, don’t take a setback as the main challenge in your life. Get over it. There is this opportunity of learning. Keep aside every fear and learn everything you can. Self-doubt will vanish in no time.



Sharpen your skills

Yeah, you should take care of your skills. Your skills are your weapons. When you doubt yourself that you are not worthy of anything, polish yourself the most then. Practice what you can, learn books that can help you and start doing the things you are passionate about. When you are skilled in any certain thing, you become confident.



Listen to positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can be of great help. It will boost your mood and motivate you for better things. If you listen to some affirmations daily first thing in the morning, your mind-set will gradually change. You will feel more positive vibration and you will find the success easily. Positive self-talk can also help you to overcome self-doubt. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are, how passionate you are and all the positive statements you can think of yourself.



Practice self-compassion

People show compassion to others, but they are rarely compassionate to themselves. When you have self-doubt, you need to treat yourself with compassion. You are the only person who understands yourself fully. Having the mind-set of loving yourself, treat yourself with the utmost compassion will surely help you to overcome self-doubt.



Celebrate small achievements

Nothing is actually small in life. Small steps build bigger things. So whenever you achieve something, celebrate it wholeheartedly. This will give you joy and pleasure. You will see how beautifully your life is going. Appreciate yourself for your achievements. You can buy a present for yourself too. Treat yourself better and the others will treat you the same way.




Self-doubt is a harmful thing for you and the people around you. Your fear makes everything fall apart. Overcoming self-doubt is not difficult as you think. You will have to find out what makes you shabby and fearful and treat those from the root.


Happy living!




Personal Development

How to ‘Let Go’; The Key to Happiness

October 26, 2019
how to let go, motivational picture

This is the story of my life! I tried to hold on to so many things that I had no way to be happy. Letting go was the most difficult thing for me to do. I didn’t let go of my possession of things, didn’t let of people I desired as the list goes on. But what did the mind set of not letting go bring me? Disaster, more depression, unhappiness and lack of self-confidence. To be happy, we don’t need things or people, because happiness comes from within. Until we don’t learn how to let go of things we can’t control, happiness is far away.

What does letting go implies?

You might think, why would you even let go when the possession is yours? Here lies the secret. There is nothing in this world you can possess rather than yourself. You are the only one who is truly yours. Attachment makes it tough to let go of anything you love or desire. People, material things, views etc. create attachment and make it tough to let go because we become afraid of losing them. We think, if we lose, we will be unhappy even we might not survive. Just take a look at your life back, so many things you had to let go such as, material things and people you liked, did you die??

Most of the things or people in our lives bring us emotional gratification or sensual pleasure. And none of these means happiness. Happiness is not related to others. It’s entirely your decision to be happy whether you have any possession or not.

The illusion of possession:

Often we think that possessions will bring us joy. But, have you ever wondered how a simple possession brings you anxiety many times? Here is an example; suppose, you have a person you like. You have been happy together so far, but suddenly, that person doesn’t want to stay in the relationship anymore. But you are not ready to let of the relation or the possession. The person is not happy with the commitment, and you two start suffering together instead of enjoying it. What do you think is a more suitable thing to do in this situation? To hold on to the dead string or to let go?

Letting go is the key here. You can’t be happy while carrying a burden on your shoulder. But you can let go and be free. Letting go is the key to freedom. Just think this, everything is impermanent. You can’t hold on to everything forever.

Why is letting go hard?

It is hard because of our emotional attachments. We think the thing we possess brings joy. We mostly romanticize about the stuff we have. We love someone and think about them. The affection grows and it becomes hard to let go of them. We are afraid that if we let go, we will lose our happiness along with the person or material. But, we need to understand that worldly possessions can’t bring happiness because happiness only derives from within ourselves. If we can run our mind in the right direction, we will be happy without even having a single thing.

How letting go helps?

Why would you let go when you can have the possession for longer? There are many benefits to letting go.

  1. Freedom: everyone wishes to be free and from where does freedom come? Freedom comes from letting go of possessions. Without attachment, your mind and soul becomes free. You become a free person with a lot of joy. When something doesn’t serve us anymore, we must let go.
  2. Personal growth: Letting go teaches us to grow gradually. When we hold on to something, be it a person or a material, we can’t move on. We dwell in past situations and emotions which doesn’t let us flourish. Letting go of possessions helps you to pursue better and healthier things in life.

5 Ways to learn to let go

  1. Make a decision: The first thing is to decide. You must realize the value of your choice. You will see people who smoke for years find it tough to quit, but once they make their mind, they quit forever. Just like that, you also have to decide to let go. You can write your decision on paper. Make a journal where you can write your thoughts. If needed, write every day the same thing and one day you will see that you feel much better than the time you started.
  2. Stop blaming others: If you are unhappy, then you are one responsible for it. Don’t blame other people in your life for your state. Stop being the victim. No one can make you unhappy if you don’t support it. You must understand happiness is a state of your mind where others don’t have any access.
  3. Learn from the past: The past is always the experience. Learn from past mistakes and move on. If you hold on to the past and don’t allow yourself to live in the present, you will never be able to gain anything. Letting is much easier when you know that you can’t bring the past back. You have to live in the moment. The present moment is the only time that can prepare you for everything.
  4. Have faith in yourself: You have to have faith in yourself and in the universe. Letting go won’t harm you instead will bring the best out of you and bring the best for you. Sometimes, things are physically gone, but we keep craving, which keeps us from moving on. You must accept the absence. Your faith in yourself will help you the most to make a better life. You can even lean on a friend who understands and support you.
  5. Meditate: It can be one of the first things to do. You need to calm your mind to direct your emotions in the right way. And the best thing is, it only takes 5 minutes a day. You don’t have to meditate 30 minutes or 1 hour everyday, give it a go for 5 minutes. But, do it regularly. Sit in a quiet place and let go of your thoughts. Don’t judge anything, just let your thoughts pass. Remember, what is gone is gone and you are still here alive and well. You don’t need anything to rely on to live. You are solely responsible for your life and you are alone competent to live peacefully. Meditation will make you realize the importance of your life and time.

Finally, I want to say that live for yourself and only then you will be able to help others live. If you are devastated of thinking that you lost something, you will be the most crippled person in the world. Letting go is always the best way to bring better outcomes. It is hard, but worth it. You can understand the value of your life and emotions only after you let go of the past, let of the people that don’t serve you anymore, let go of the memory that makes you restless, let go the things that are of no use.

Peaceful living!