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How to Overcome Negative Thoughts; 9 Ways

January 13, 2020
How to overcome negative thoughts

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” — Buddha

Thinking negative thoughts? No big deal. You can transform negative thoughts into positive ones. The only thing you need is the power of your mind.

I have been reading, understanding and writing about negative thought patterns for a long time. Yet. I fall prey of it sometimes. I am well aware of all the solutions a human being can use to change the mind. But many times I find myself in the middle of the ocean of negative thoughts.

How it all comes? Negative thoughts start with just a small feeling or some words of others sometimes trigger the mind. You need to know negative thoughts doesn’t harm others, it harms you. It happens when you fail at something and start thinking what is the point of doing all these? Or in some cases, you might be overloaded with depression and start thinking various kinds of negative thoughts. The point is not to control your mind. You just need a little push to divert your mind from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This is the best way to overcome negative thoughts.

Here are the ways you can practice to overcome negative thoughts.

  1. Replace negative with positive

You can’t stop your thoughts easily. Our mind is always thinking about almost every possible things we see or experience. Thoughts come and go like the south breeze. You can’t stop your thoughts that easily but you can change your thinking patterns. The moment you realize that your mind is being fulfilled by negative thoughts, think of good things, the things you like or people you adore, situation you want to experience or good moments you have lived in. This will change the pattern of your mind and make you see the other perspectives of life. It is easier said than done to divert your mind in a jiffy. It takes time but it will be easier once you start practicing little by little. So to overcome negative thoughts, replace those with positive ones and see the changes in near future.

2. Live in the moment

This is the only moment that is true. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. So to focus on both the past and the future is just a waste of time. You neither can change the past nor live in the future. The only thing you can do is to live in the present moment. To live mindfully in the moment is one way out of negative thoughts. If you are feeling down, negative thoughts are making your mind rubbish then think of right now. Are you in any kind of trouble right now? Are you in danger right now? Are negative thoughts you are having right now is worthy of your valuable time? If these answers are “NO”, move on and live.

3. Don’t think of what people say

We give priority to people’s thoughts. We are afraid of what people will say or think. Remember, what people say is not necessary at all. You know who you are and what suits you best. Give priority to yourself. Negative thoughts come mostly when we think of others. It is their job to think not yours and you have nothing to do with their thoughts. Stop thinking about what others say and start thinking how you can overcome all obstacles and go ahead. If negative thoughts still come, put it aside for a few minutes and think of your achievements. You will get over the unnecessary thoughts soon.

4. Question your thoughts

When negative thoughts come, ask yourself; are these thoughts worthy of my time? You will get the answer “no”. When the answer is no, you have no time to waste. Our mind works like a drama director. The episode goes on and on. You start thinking one negative thought and after just a few moments you will find yourself in the ocean of negative thoughts. It grows with your attention. To overcome negative thoughts, you will have to stop giving attention to those thoughts.

5. Avoid negative or toxic people

They are all around us. You will find them just by giving it a thought. Think of people who make you feel down, suck your energy, make fun of you always or criticize you no matter what you do. Get rid of those people and you will find your life much better than before. Toxic people emit negative energy that affects everyone around. It is your duty to protect yourself by avoiding those people. Pay attention to your life. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and vice versa.

6. Stop giving attention to negative thoughts

The moment you become conscious that you are thinking negative things, just stop it there. It might be difficult at first but continuous practice will make it easier. Stop feeding thoughts that are harmful for your mind and your life. Negative thoughts are contagious. One thought will come and then it will spread its wings. You will have to be conscious to overcome negative thoughts. Think of your good memories or just turn the negative thought upside down.

7. Meditate

Focus on your breathing while you are trying to get rid of negative thoughts. Do you know Gautama Buddha became enlightened by focusing on his breath? I am not asking you to be enlightened. You will just have to focus on your breath to calm your mind down. When you focus on your breathing, your mind becomes calm and stops thinking. It is tough for everyone not to think anything at all. But with practice, you can do that. The mind needs rest too. So when you take deep, long breaths, your mind becomes inactive.

8. Help others

Helping others in their needs make you happy. A happy mind can’t think of negative thoughts. Helping others brings joy and fulfillment. When you help someone from the bottom of your heart, you become an empath and an empath is always calm and quiet. While your mind is quiet, it generally starts thinking good thoughts. Negative ones can’t stand a chance there. So to overcome negative thoughts, help people who are indeed in need.

9. Be grateful for what you have

Being grateful is always the best way to shape your life. Think of what you have in life, what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled, what brings joy in every sphere of your life. You will definitely see that there are a lot of things that make you real happy and joyful. When you are in a peaceful moment, your mind doesn’t go to negative ways. Be grateful that you have food, shelter, family and friends. Be grateful for who you are. Every little thing that makes your life amazing, be grateful for them. And you will find that you don’t have negative thoughts anymore.

We live in a place that is so chaotic to live in. This is a place where we survive more than living. It is in your hands how you want to see your life. If you practice above things and try to keep a steady mind, you will gradually start thinking in a more positive way. To overcome negative thoughts, you will have to focus on positive thoughts and positive traits you possess. You can’t make it overnight but it will change for good.

Have a great life!

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10 Common Habits of Unhappy People and the Ways to Overcome

November 17, 2019
habits of unhappy people

Happiness is a vast idea that we get confused about it. On the other hand, unhappiness is the idea that catches us from anywhere and we certainly know that it came. But, why so? Because unhappiness has greater power over us when we don’t know how to be happy in every circumstance. Habits of unhappy people also affect people around them. A study called Terman study from Stanford University says that “being around unhappy people is linked to poorer health and a shorter life span.” What is happiness? There is no specific definition of happiness as long as you find yourself happy in little moments. Happiness surrounds you while you find joy in whatever you do. Unhappiness is also related to your mental situation, along with the circumstances you deal with. Just like happy people, unhappy people also have some common habits. Take a look.

10 Common habits of unhappy people
It is a real tough job to stay being surrounded by unhappy people as it can drag you down too. Just as some habits determine happiness, unhappiness is also determined by some habits that are common in every unhappy people. You might think, other people or circumstances make you unhappy, but sometimes, habits can be the root cause of unhappiness. Figure out if you have any of the following habits.

1. They are always negative: Unhappy people have the habit of finding negative things in every situation. They never think of positive outcomes. Negativity is the foundation of their minds and beliefs. They think negative; they talk negatively; they behave negatively. So, it is very tough for them to be happy. Look at yourself, how do you react? Are you always thinking of negative thoughts or outcomes? If you are really negative, happiness is very far from you. So, how to break it? The easiest solution is being conscious when you are thinking negative thoughts. Stop right there and write down those thoughts. And finally, reverse those thoughts. Start seeing the positive sides of your thoughts.
2. They always complain: Not happy with anything at all. Unhappy people are always complaining about almost everything. They have no idea that complaining won’t bring anything. It’s natural to complain once or twice if you like but always not the best thing to do. We complain to relieve our stress. Unhappy people complain to drag others into their stress. They don’t know how to let go. Unhappy ones like to stretch depressing matters longer and bring all around them into the issue to make the situation even worse. They analyze negative situations in every possible way and make those their prime concern. How to get rid of it? Simply focus on the positive side and let go of the bad things once it is gone.
3. Victim mentality: One of the worst habits of unhappy people is being the victim. They think that everyone around them is trying to harm them. Every misfortune is brought to them by someone else. They never think of their actions. It’s their habit to be the victim and finding peace in that. What is to do in such a situation? If you think you are a victim, pay attention to your thoughts and actions. If you do wrong, you suffer. People around you don’t always bring bad things to you; you are the maker of your fortune. Find out the thoughts that trigger your victim mentality and get rid of those. Look around, and you will find out people who are suffering more than you.
4. They wait for the future: Without making the present beautiful, you can never have a beautiful future. Unhappy people are unaware of the importance of the present. They are always thinking of the future, which is yet to come or might not come. What is the future? If you work right in the present moment, you are making your future amazing. Unhappy people seem to label the present moment as bad and wait for good times to come. Not only that, unhappy people also think of negative thoughts that can happen in the future. How things can go wrong at work, how people can react in a bad way and so on. Overcoming this habit is not tough. You just have to take deep breaths and think of your situation right now. Decide what is best for you and what you can do to make your situation better. Thinking of the future is great when you make your present moment right. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it needs to be right.
5. Jealousy: Unhappy people are jealous of others as they can’t see anyone happy. The happiness of others makes them feel deprived and depressed. They think negative, act negative and expect others to stay in a bad situation. When you are a negative person, you can’t think in the right way. You become sad about watching others happy. Unhappy people become envious of others’ achievement. They can’t cope with the celebration. They think others don’t deserve the things they are getting. If you are jealous of others, then think that this habit only hurts you. It doesn’t really make a difference if you are envious of others who are happy. You think of it, you suffer. So to make things easier for you, you have to learn to appreciate others for their works.
6. Having no control: Unhappy people believe that they have no control over their luck or situation. But it is not true. You get what you think of, you see what you project. If you have misfortunes, you brought that. It’s not all about controlling, it’s about making things run in the right way. Some situations go beyond our control because of our doings. Concentrate on the aspects where you have your full control, think of how you can make any situation better. Learn from the people who inspire you. Focus on what you are capable of doing. Rather than controlling others’ lives, make yours amazing.
7. Holding grudges: It’s true that sometimes people can make you unhappy. But that doesn’t mean you have to hold on to those moments or feelings. Unhappy people can’t let go of such situations where they feel sad. The only way to overcome all problems is by letting go. Unhappy people hold grudges against others while making different scenarios in their head which lead to their tormenting. To get rid of grudges, you have to stop thinking and stay positive. Forgive others and go on your way.
8. Ignoring real problems: Unhappy people love to ignore real problems. When a big problem comes in front of them, they tend to ignore it. They like to think that the problem doesn’t exist and that way, they feel less burdened. But they have no clue that this problem can have solutions. While ignoring the real problems, they create different smaller problems that lead them to doom. So how to stop ignoring the real ones? We all make mistakes and it’s natural. Don’t overlook your mistakes, have the courage to accept it and reverse it. Face your problems, try to find the solution that can cure it from the root and you become free. This way, you will become more empowered and strong to face anything in life.
9. Overreacting: Every action has a reaction but when it comes to unhappy people, they tend to overreact in almost every problem. Every smaller negative thing can impact their lives in a bigger way. They pay attention to minor problems more and make it big. When you face something like this, ask yourself if it is worth your time? If it has anything to do with your happiness in the long run?
In most cases, you will find the answer is no. so, stop overreacting and start acting. Take a few deep breaths and let go.
10. Overcomplicating life: The biggest mistake of all time. Unhappy people complicate things unknowingly. They start judging every negative aspects in their life and entangle their life. Life is not very complicated unless you make it. Unhappy people become complicated enough to bring the negative in every situation. How to solve it? Assess the situation instead of judging. Find out your faults and correct those. You are solely responsible for your life and you have to take the responsibility instead of blaming others. Try to nurture your relationships that give you peace. Get rid of unnecessary stress and make a life that suits you the best. Make use of your time in productive ways.
So, what is the easiest? Being unhappy or happy? Being unhappy takes a lot of things but to be happy you just need to keep an open mind. Unhappy people suffer for their own habits, they fall in the traps that they make. It doesn’t even cost a single penny to be happy but to be unhappy, it costs a lot of your time, energy and a big portion of your life. It’s time to make the difference. Be happy, be positive.